Dillingham announces manager candidates

August 11th 9:58 pm

At its monthly meeting on Aug. 3, the Dillingham city council continued their work on a series of ongoing projects. The city seems to be nearing the end of one top priority: hiring a new city manager. In a press release, the city announced three finalists: [...]

PenAir files for bankruptcy protection

August 11th 9:57 pm

Following months of problems, Peninsula Airways is cancelling service in Portland and Denver as it restructures financially. CEO Danny Seybert pledges to refocus on Bristol Bay and Aleutians routes. The largest air carrier in southwest Alaska has filed for [...]

Water restored to all homes in New Stuyahok

August 11th 9:57 pm

Homes in New Stuyahok were plagued with low or no water pressure from mid-June to mid-July. At the peak of the problem, more than 30 homes were affected. Now the city water system is back online. Mayor Randall Hastings says the problem was exacerbated [...]

Ekwok's William "Sonny" Nelson School has new teacher, principal

August 11th 9:56 pm

Amy Arnold moved to Ekwok in mid-August to fill the role of both teacher and principal for the village's school. Hailing from Florida, she has been an educator for 23 years. Many of those years were spent running The Monarch School, a Florida school she [...]

Norton Sound fishery is breaking records, but king salmon are lagging

August 11th 9:55 pm

The Norton Sound commercial fishery could log near-record catch and escapement numbers for four out of the five returning salmon species this season, but like some other regions in the state the king run is failing to meet escapement goals. Already this [...]

Alaska Peninsula herds increasing

August 11th 9:54 pm

Dave Crowley, area management biologist for Game Management Units 9 and 10, said fall hunters can anticipate increased caribou populations and, consistent with previous years, low moose density. The fall hunt for caribou has already begun in many parts of [...]

Fish Factor: Fisheries operations under scrutiny after 11 deaths

August 11th 9:54 pm

It's time for a checkup from the neck up — meaning an industry time-out to evaluate fishing operations and behaviors, advises Jerry Dzugan, director of the Sitka-based Alaska Marine Safety Education Association for more than 30 years. Dzugan was [...]

Unhealthy air in homes targeted in tribal program

August 11th 9:53 pm

They were called "frequent flyers," children flown from their village homes to the hospital in Anchorage for treatment for coughs, wheezes and trouble breathing, then sent back home — only to return again with the same symptoms. But those symptoms [...]

Bogoslof volcano erupts again, sending an ash cloud miles above Aleutians

August 11th 9:52 pm

Alaska's tiny Bogoslof volcano erupted again Monday morning, sending an ash cloud about 6 miles into the sky. The "significant explosive eruption" started around 10 a.m. on the remote island in the Bering Sea, northwest of Unalaska Island, and continued for [...]

ANSEP sends rural students out of this world

August 11th 9:52 pm

Dozens of rural Alaska students from around the state will had an out-of-this-world experience this month as they got a chance to talk with American astronauts and design a spacecraft capable of landing on Mars. The extraordinary experience is all part of [...]

Opinion: A heartfelt thank you from 75th anniversary veterans

August 11th 9:51 pm

The following quotes are submitted via e-mail on behalf of veteran individuals and are inspired by a request from Attu and Kiska U.S. Army veteran, Clint Goodwin, as a means to send a thank you message to all who made the 75th-anniversary event possible and [...]

Alaska commercial fishing deaths on the rise

August 11th 9:50 pm

After a recent historic year of no recorded deaths in Alaska's commercial fishing industry, fatalities in the sector known for its dangers have once again spiked. There have been 10 commercial fishing deaths in Alaska so far in 2017. A large portion of this [...]

Yukon-Kuskokwim tribal activists seek regional government

August 11th 9:49 pm

BETHEL — Representatives of more than a dozen tribal villages from the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta are in Bethel this week for a planned three-day constitutional convention, a step some leaders hope will lead to a regional tribal government. Tribal [...]

Troopers ID fisherman who went missing in Ugashik

August 11th 9:49 pm

Alaska State Troopers have identified the fisherman who went missing last week in Ugashik Bay as 57-year-old Ninilchik resident Fredrick Bock. The Coast Guard was first notified that Bock, a crew member on the Lady Colleen, had gone overboard into the bay's [...]

Orphaned cubs headed to Anchorage from Cold Bay

August 11th 9:48 pm

Two orphaned brown bear cubs found in Cold Bay were headed Saturday to the Alaska Zoo in Anchorage, but their ultimate fate is uncertain. "The zoo will hold them for a short period," said Ken Marsh, spokesman for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game. [...]

Opinion: Deadly year at sea reminds us that perceptions about PFDs are outdated

August 11th 9:47 pm

If you follow the news regularly, you read a lot of sad circumstances. Families die because of carbon monoxide poisoning from their stove, people perish when their car spins out of control on a winter drive, or someone gets buried in an avalanche. There is no [...]

Opinion: Alaska Wild Salmon Day: Dinner's up

August 11th 9:46 pm

It's been a good summer for Alaska wild salmon. Sport anglers from across the state and across the globe are enjoying world-class fishing. An epic Bristol Bay sockeye run brought a record season to gillnetters and processors. Yukon kings are back in higher [...]

Opinion: Alaska should declare sexual assault state of disaster

August 11th 9:45 pm

By now, most Alaskans are woefully aware of the alarming reality. Alaska's sexual crime rates are three times higher than the national average, and child sexual assault rates are six times the national average. A 2016 state report confirms that, [...]

Can a new generation of satellites bring broadband to all of Alaska?

August 11th 9:45 pm

A satellite startup promising to be the first provider of universal internet service plans to use Alaska as a proving ground to show it can bring affordable, reliable broadband to some of the world's most isolated communities. OneWeb plans to launch a [...]

Alaska Science Forum: After five months, Trans-Alaska hike nears end

August 11th 9:44 pm

SAGANAVIRKTOK RIVER — August, here so soon. And we just passed Trans-Alaska Pipeline mile 100, which means that distance remains on our summer hike from Valdez to Prudhoe Bay. My dog Cora and I started walking on April 30, which means we're in our [...]

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