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Dillingham's Subway restaurant closes again for the winter

September 15th, 2017 | Liam Wright, KDLG Print this article   Email this article  

The "open" sign at Dillingham's only fast food restaurant won't be lit again till next spring. Subway closed for the winter after serving its last sandwiches on Sept. 9.

Andrew Berkoski, who, along with wife Kate, has owned and operated the popular downtown eatery since opening in 2014, said the seasonal schedule is necessary because both franchisees have other commitments they are dedicated to.

"My wife and I have full-time teaching jobs and we don't want to spread ourselves too thin," he said. "But since the business is for sale, someone is more than welcome to purchase the business and keep it open all winter."

Last year, the Berkoskis put their small business on the market, hoping to find someone interested in making it their full-time, year-round job. He did not say if he has had any serious offers, though he believes it is a successful small business that should turn someone a profit.

"We're staffed, shipments are coming in on time. It's purely an issue of time, commitment to family and other priorities," he said of why they are looking to sell and will close again this winter.

Berkoski did not offer a firm date next spring when the business will reopen. The closure leaves area residents and visitors one less place to grab a bite, and a number of high school students one fewer place to work.


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