Agencies train for hazardous material response

Aug 22nd 1:46 pm By By Jim Paulin

Unalaska drill conducted to help different agencies foster better working relationships

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Opinion: Teacher's enthusiasm brightens transition from summer freedom to classroom learning

August 22nd 1:03 pm

Yesterday was the last day of summer vacation for my children. After a week of rain, the sun came out in its blazing glory, polishing the jewel of Alaska's summer landscape.

Russian ban on food imports affects Alaska

August 22nd 1:03 pm

Seafood is by far Alaska's top export and as it heads overseas, global politics play a big role in making sales sink or swim.

Draft Arctic drilling requirements sent for interagency review

August 22nd 1:00 pm

The U.S. Department of the Interior issued a draft of the country's first minimum standards for oil and gas activity in the Arctic waters off Alaska's shores this week, but interagency review of the process may still take months, Washington reporters write.

An archaeologist's field guide to coffee cans

August 22nd 12:59 pm

The year is 1905. You are a prospector in Alaska relaxing in your cabin after a chilly day of working the tailings pile.

Opinion: Vote No on Ballot Measure 1

August 17th 5:06 pm

Arctic Slope Regional Corporation has come out publicly against Ballot Measure 1 because we have seen the positive impact that SB21 has already made in creating jobs and opportunity, and we don't want to see that momentum halted. We are proud to be joined by [...]

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Dall sheep population plummets, hunt canceled

August 22nd 1:21 pm

The population of Dall sheep in the Northwest Arctic has declined by more than half in the past three years, prompting state and federal agencies to halt the annual hunt.

Man pleads to reduced charges in moose kill

August 22nd 1:16 pm

Paul Kropoff sentenced to week in jail, $6,000 in fines, and no hunting privileges for five years

Opinion: Near-zero oil tax will damage state economy

August 15th 12:42 pm

It's interesting how $12 million in oil company ads don't mention what you need to know.

EPA holds another hearing in Dillingham on Pebble

August 22nd 1:15 pm

Agency continues to move toward finalizing preemptive restrictions against the development of mine

18th-century sailor honored in Sand Point

August 22nd 1:14 pm

Bronze plaque erected in memory of Russian who explored region, died in 1741

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