Herring return, much to delight of fishermen

Jul 21st 1:50 am By Jim Paulin

Just 200 tons left in 2017 purse seine quota

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Opinion: No replacement plan [--] no deal

July 21st 12:46 am

This week, millions of Americans were nearly impacted by one of the most grotesque examples of partisan politics trumping basic human needs this nation has ever seen. On the heals of failed attempts to replace the Affordable Care Act, Republicans attempted to [...]

Opinion: How action in Juneau creates hope and a path to solving Alaska's deficit

July 21st 12:46 am

The passage Saturday of a bill ending cash subsidies to the oil industry creates legitimate hope for a solution to Alaska's fiscal crisis. The change itself doesn't fill much of the gap between the state's income and spending — perhaps $75 million to [...]

Daily respites during a summer-long walk

July 21st 12:43 am

Pipeline hiker seeks rest along a steep and relentless path

Alaska salmon prices looking up for 2017

July 21st 12:41 am

Demand for roe is driving interest in chums, most of which is shipped to Japan

Alaskans have healthy perspective when it comes to international threats

July 14th 3:05 pm

Once in a while, Alaskans really make me proud. This week was one of those times when I read a story about Alaska's response to national concerns that North Korea now has a missile that can reach the shores of our state. While national media have jumped all [...]

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Safeway boosts age for senior discount

July 21st 12:55 am

Supermarket shoppers ages 55 to 64 lose 10-percent senior citizen's discount

Herring return, much to delight of fishermen

July 21st 12:50 am

Just 200 tons left in 2017 purse seine quota

PSPA seeks probe into vessel's foreign steel

July 21st 12:58 am

The trade group representing Alaska's onshore fish processing plants is challenging a request for an exemption to a federal law limiting the amount of foreign steel allowed in fishing vessel construction. The Pacific Seafood Processor's Association has major [...]

Seal pup harassed and killed in Dillingham

July 21st 1:01 am

Suspect has been identified but not yet charged

Bristol Bay run tops 50 million

July 21st 1:04 am

Big harvest at $1 a pound means 2017 will be one for the books

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